GAVRT Project

We are entering the halfway point for our summer vacation at school. During that time I have been getting ready for my trip with NASA. The trip is to the Goldstone Radio telescope located in Apple Valley, CA.

During the school year I had joined NASA explorers school and NEON NASA’s online teacher network. Using the resources available on the website I started to implement different lesson modules. For example, I showed the NASA NOW video about the mission to mercury. Not only did the video answer students questions about this mission it also showed students the opportunities available in the science field. After a brief formative assessment and discussion, I realized that students truly enjoyed the video and wanted to see more. My goal for next year is to incorporate these videos a bit more when they relevant to the material I am teaching. Other resources included websites, electronic professional development webinars and much more. There is much you can use with the STEM curriculum on this website.  What helped a great deal was the electronic professional development; these webinars went over the different modules that appeared on the Website.

After implementing lessons from the explorers school, one of the presenters prompted me to apply for a Teacher Recognition workshop. So I did. And now in two weeks I head to the GAVRT/Radio Jove project that takes place at the Lewis Center for Educational Research in Apple Valley CA. What an opportunity for not only me, but my students. Anything I learn at this workshop I will be able to bring back to classroom. I’m totally excited!!

I will be blogging and posting pictures on my trip, so everyone can follow me as I go through the workshop.

Signing off!

About rippie77

Science Teacher at Cardinal Gibbons High School, Raleigh NC.

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