First Day

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Just finished the first part of the day. And so far everything is going well. I  was allowed to work the telescope. Of course when I did the  telescope didn’t want to scan correctly. My Luck like usual!! The first part of the day included the introduction to Astronomy and more specifically radio astronomy.  Ben started the day with an introduction to the Electromagnetic Spectrum and radio astronomy. After this intro. and a brief break we then got to the highlight of the day. Kelli and Nancy introduced us to the controls we would be using with the students when controlling the telescope. I volunteered at one point and as I said before the telescope didn’t scan correctly and they had to recalibrate the telescope.

Controlling the Radio Telescope

Basically, how it works is  we will schedule a time during the year to use the telescope. With the help of Kelli and Nancy the students will scan a source and produce data they can use in their report. We could scan other planets, however it is suggested we use the plans already available at the GAVRT website to introduce the telescope controls. This will help us get used to what we are doing. I’m hoping to do Jupiter or Quasars. If all goes well during the year I think I will schedule something for January or  February, this is when I usually cover Astronomy.

After lunch we had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Steve Levin about the Juno project. He is the lead scientists on this project and GAVRT will work with the mission to explore Jupiter. The Juno website is a great resource for this mission,  Since this post is in the morning I probably won’t post until late tonight. Today is a day in the Mojave desert visiting the actually antenna dishes. AWESOME!


Check out the GAVRT Project website to learn more about the telescopes and what the project is all about.


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