First Day!

The first day of 2011-2012 is over and in the books! It went well, I think?  Especially since I  used a new idea for setting up lab groups in the classroom. Another teacher and myself used an idea posted on Frank Noschese’s Blog. So here is how it went,  we used some of the groupings listed on Mr. Noschese’s blog and added our own. For example, I included colors and Planets, my colleague included TV channels.

Colors: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow

Planets: Saturn, Earth, Venus and Mars

With one of the groups given by Mr. Noschese, Disney I added Pluto. I did this because of the Planets group, hoping the students catch this. Well they did, and that brought up a discussion about dwarf planets. Awesome!!

I handed out index cards as students entered the room. Students were asked to put their names on the front of the cards. On the other side  were the words used in the groupings. Once everyone was ready, I had students gather in their groupings. It took a while but the students did a good job working together to find the proper groupings.  This was a great way to start the class.  Tomorrow we will talk about the post game analysis, since we had to finish going over Safety and the Syllabus.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to do some whiteboarding and introduce this strategy to my Earth Science students. I’m using Density as a starting point.

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Science Teacher at Cardinal Gibbons High School, Raleigh NC.

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