Video Project/Notre Dame

Its been a while since I’ve posted. Very little time in the day to do everything.  At the end of the week I head to the “Excellence in Teaching” Conference at Notre Dame. I can’ wait to see the campus. Sounds like a great photo shoot to me. Just like to Thank the East Carolina Notre Dame Alumni Group for sponsoring me and giving me this opportunity to experience this event. I will be blogging about the event while there and posting pictures.

We started something new when having our students do Labs and small projects. Students are learning to present their lab reports and small projects  via video. Yep, video. We purchased some of the flip cameras on amazon at the end of last year. Most of the cameras take mp4 video, so the students have to use the software included with the cameras. We are testing a Kodak camera and finding it takes movies in the mov format, which Windows Movie Maker will recognize. One of the issues I found is that many people do not like the new Windows Movie Maker and prefer the older version. So be aware that you need to do a little research first before downloading WMM. This is the difficulty we are finding with this strategy, the mp4 format does not work with WMM too well. Students are given a rubric to help them understand what we are looking for in their lab reports and projects. This keeps them focused on the goal of the project.

In physics we gave students a project to do a 2 minute video on Electromagnetic Radiation. Each group was assigned a form of EM, such as radio, UV, and Gamma. Students were asked to include certain facts:

– Frequency range (record without and with the use of scientific notation):

– Wavelength range (in free space).Record the values and name something in the same size range.

– Longest:


___can be found/are used for…

Students presented this information in their video and also developed a hands on activity for their EM. Overall the project was a success with students. A few improvements need to be made with the presentation of the final product and the formats used for the video. We are looking for a Video editing program that is web based. This might help with the video formats.

Since this week is Earth Science Week, I have implemented a video project promoting the Nine Big Ideas proposed by AGI. Using AGI DVD included with the Earth Science Week Kit, students are presenting a 5 minute video on one Big Idea. The Big Ideas were assigned to groups. Students are to use the presentation as a way to inform their peers on the the Big Ideas. This is a way to get students familiar with the video format for presentation and teach them about Earth Science Literacy.

So far it is going well. Video shooting for the Earth Science classes will begin on Thursday, so stay tuned for an update.


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