To Infinity and Beyond: Honeywell Space Camp Day One

Sorry about the corny title but I thought I would take a cue from the newspaper article (see last post) . Upon arrival at the airport we were greeted by a Staff Member from Space Camp and I knew the journey was beginning. First I would just like to say I never knew dorms could be so nice, we are being housed at UAH.


I was one of the first to arrive. Throughout the day I meet teachers from around the country and globe. According to our hosts there were teachers from 37 states and 19 countries. The motto on our tee shirt is “37 states, and 19 countries, One Mission…”.

The first full day was packed with orientation, science and simulations. We were given an opportunity to listen to Dr. Don Thomas, an astronaut from shuttle missions STS-65, 70, 83 and 90. Dr. Thomas did a great job talking about how he became an astronaut. Something I can’t wait to tell my students about. He never gave up on his dream, and through hard work he finally obtained that opportunity.  He never gave up, even when he was rejected for the third time. His talk was very inspiring!

20120616_0374       20120616_0391

After Dr. Thomas we were given our assignments for our first mission. I ended up being the Commander for this shuttle mission. It would turn out to be the best experience I ever had! As Space Academy Teachers we are given an opportunity to be a part of simulation missions. We practiced our mission first before the final run of the mission on Sunday.  During this time we learned to rely on each other to complete our tasks. I could imagine how you could bring this into the classroom. Each student having an important part of the mission and collaborating with each other to complete the mission. Something we as Teachers need to teach our students.

Day one proved to be an awesome experience! We even got a chance to build Rockets we were going to launch on Tuesday. Tons of information and materials to  bring back to class and  implement in the classroom. STEM at it’s best!!!


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Science Teacher at Cardinal Gibbons High School, Raleigh NC.

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