Day Two: Mission Complete

Day two included Area 51 Ropes, Final Shuttle Mission and Zip Line. The day started off with what they call Low Ropes at Area  51. I thought the name alone was fun. At this team building event, we were called upon to use specific skills to face different challenges. I know that we do this on our Sophomore retreats at school. This was not new to me. But the challenges were. This is another way of really building on communication and collaboration. Tons of other opportunities presented themselves for us to build our team skills. Now I understand why we do it on the Sophomore retreat, I think it helps our students understand that they can accomplish anything. These activities really do build team skills and are a wonderful tool for teaching. When we left the area they gave us a packet of different activities we could bring back to the classroom. That was one of the most important points the group leaders and head of the program focused on; everything could be taken back to the classroom.

20120617_0735     20120617_0757

This would only be the beginning of a long and fruitful day. And when I mean long, I mean long. We ended our day around 9:30 pm. Exhausted but totally satisfied with all that we had done in the day.

Our second biggest event was our mission. We were to fly the shuttle into orbit and complete some EVA’s (space walks). My biggest fear was crashing the shuttle. Since I was the Commander I needed to land this baby! With the help from my team and a great pilot we landed safely and completed the mission. Our group leader was very happy and told us we did awesome. Our mission specialists did a great job and completed their tasks on time. Overall the team work and effort we put into the mission showed. I can’t wait to see the pictures of this mission.

The second part of the day ended up being one of the best experiences I will ever have. We went down a zip line, backwards. It was an amazing experience and one of the highlights of the trip to space camp. After this we went back to the Marshall Flight Education Center for more classroom materials and another mission overview.

Our next mission would be Orion and this one would be very different.


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