Space Academy: Day 4 Rocket Launch

I will have to admit it was a hard time getting up on Day 4. They keep us moving at Space Camp, hardly any down time. And again the was packed with activities! By the time this day had rolled in I began to wonder if I could absorb any more information, my brain was about to explode. For our team “Zarya” (named after the Russian space module) the days were getting lighter. Meaning had a bit more down time scheduled in. The first set of activities was the Lunar Base Challenge. This I think would be an great activity for the classroom. Basically each group was given a something to build on the moon. You had to stay within the credit amount. After we finished our activity we were given a great opportunity, we uplinked with the Aquanaut Steve Squyres at the NEEMO project.


He was really great! It was fun seeing the fish in the background! After that we did our Rocket launch. Oh yeah, and guess what? My Rocket landed in the trees, but it went really far. Great activity and I really do want to shot some rockets off with my kids.

20120619_0894   20120619_0889

After Rockets we headed in to do an ECLSS lesson (Environmental Control and Life Support System). Shannon did a good job with this lesson, something to think about for my classroom. Building a filtration system seems like a great engineering problem for kids to figure out. Using the Space Station as an example would be great. Tying it into sustainability would also be an ideal environmental lesson.

One of the highlights of the day was the creation of our Team Zarya patch. One of our wonderful team members drew it and the team came up with the symbols. The two stars are the morning and evening stars. All the points represent the people in our group. The shooting star is our Leader, Jenn and she was awesome!!!


At the end of the day we listened to Ed Buckbee, he showed some awesome pictures. We received a signed personalized book from Mr. Buckbee. Can’t wait to read this. It contains a number of stories about the the early astronauts.


By the time we arrived  back at the dorm we all were exhausted. It’s was a long day and the week would be ending soon. We had a great time and Day five would be graduation.


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