Space Academy Graduation Day

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As I look back on the last day of Space Academy, I find my self wondering will I ever experience anything as awesome as this experience. It has been the best professional development as a teacher and a great personal experience.

The last day began on a sad note, this was it we were going home tomorrow. But we still had things to do, we first completed DNA extraction. The activity was led by HudsonAlpha, an institute for biotechnology.  We extracted DNA from different fruits, strawberry being the easiest. Using different washing agents and reagents we mixed a salt solution and alcohol to extract the DNA. Washing agents included woolite, dish soap, and other household agents. The additional Reagents included baking soda, meat tenderizer and contact solution. All went well and as you can tell from the picture below, I did it right!


Next on the agenda for the day was to listen to a talk on living on the space station. The funniest part was when we viewed a video on throwing up in space. Awesome talk and found out that you really do  have to have  the desire to go into space if you are going to live this way for while.  After this the day was winding down to graduation, we sat through a discussion on NASA educational materials. And of course we discussed NASA Explorers School (NES). We headed over to the Davidson Center where we were to hold graduation and have our dinner. By the way it was under the Saturn V rocket.

20120620_0917      20120619_0863

Well graduation came pretty fast and was over in a blink of an eye. The best part about graduation was when my Team Zarya won best shuttle mission. Now that was awesome. Our guest speaker was Leland Melvin NASA former astronaut and now administrator of education at NASA. Totally excited about the opportunity to be able to listen to him speak. Graduation ended on somber note, I think everyone was tired from all that we had done in 5 days, but sad because the most wonderful experience was over.

Now what does this have to do with teaching, if you can’t figure that out by now then you need to read all my posts. Each day we were given the opportunity to obtain more material for us to take back and implement in the classroom. Just the experience alone gave us ideas for our classroom. This has been a dream of mine, many times I checked out the Space Camp website. To be able to attend and then bring back all this material is just great. I can’t stop thanking Honeywell and everyone at Space Academy for giving me this great opportunity.


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