Day 3 Weather Balloon and CALIPSO

weatherballon  169_0572

Guest speaker Dr. Travis Knepp started the day talking about data collection and analysis. His talk addressed the proper way to collect data and analyze it. One of his main points was to “keep it simple”. Don’t complicate your data collection, because you want the results to be precise. A good rule to follow when you develop a lab for your students. A new concept he introduced was Anscombe’s Quartet, statically the graphs are identical but they still were different. It’s important to graph your data before you analyze it.

After his talk we went to CAPBALE, a ground observation site. At this site there are instruments that track and observe pollutants in the troposphere. Once there we collected data for temperature (with a temperature gun), relative humidity and pressure. We also completed a Rover cloud observation.

As Dr. Knepp prepared the weather balloon for flight, he talked about the instrumentation that would be part of the payload. After we launched the balloon we got a chance to see the data being send back.

Dr.Knepp 169_0614


Once we were back in the classroom Kathy A. Powell, Atmospheric scientist gave a presentation on the CALIPSO instruments used to obtain data on clouds and aerosols. All are part of a study trying to understand how clouds and aerosols play a role in the Earth’s weather, climate and air quality. After Ms. Powell left, Kaci Heins, a fellow teacher attending the workshop presented her balloon activity she did with her students. Her footage was awesome and I’m already thinking how I could get my kids to do this. The wheels are turning! She did suggest the Stratostar website.

The final activity was in the afternoon with Susan Moore, it was a great hands on activity. She did a PPBV (Parts per billion volume) from the Globe program. It was an awesome activity and one I can use at the beginning of the year. It used cubes and cubic measurements to get students to understand what parts per million looks like.

The day ended with us being interviewed about the workshop. Myself and another colleague already appear in one video (check it out here), but this just might make us stars! LOL. What a day and the last part was great. Day 4 will be our last day and its all about Globe!


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