Day 4: Last Day @ Langley


The last day at our summer experience was full of Globe information. Jessica Taylor presented the different protocols used with the program. She reviewed some of the students opportunities available, such as student symposium, video competition and other events for students to get involved in. The day was filled with  information on how to use Globe in your classroom and its resources available for educators.

We reviewed the Budburst Protocol, this included observing plants and their buds. The purpose is to “To observe budburst on selected trees at a Land Cover Sample Site, or a designated Phenology Site” (taken from the Budburst Protocol Lab at the Globe site). The most important point for any of the Globe Protocols is to make sure you are observing the same leaf on plant or tree. Native species are preferred and observations should be taken of the overstory (canopy). There are other protocols she went over, Green-up or Green-down.  Green-up is the growing season and Green-down is the the end of the growing season. At the end of the day we signed up for an account on Globe and received a certificate certifying us as Globe teachers.

Since it was our last day together the group went to the Virginia Air and Space Museum. While there we visited the NASA educational resource center. The person working this center was very helpful and wonderful to everyone. I hope to get a couple of posters to decorate my room.


I have tons of information to take back to my school and classroom. It is going to take me a couple of days to go over all the information I obtained at this workshop. The NASA explorers school is one of the best opportunities for teacher. I hope that NASA will continue to give this opportunity to educators and people will support this endeavor. Many educators fear the slow demise of all these programs and find themselves hoping the future will continue support their efforts in the classroom.

This ended a summer full of STEM opportunities, between Honeywell Space Academy and NASA explorers school summer experience, I had gained  unbelievable amount of STEM material and ideas for my classroom.  I think we are going to do some exciting things in class this year.


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