Mars Curiosity STEM at its BEST

ustream     EyesonSolarSystem

Just wanted to blog briefly about this amazing feat NASA accomplished last night. It was amazing watching the whole thing on Eyes of Solar System. We arrived at NC Museum of Natural Sciences at about 11:30 pm and very  few seats were left. Standing room only! It was great to see all these people who were interested in the landing. At  Midnight – Getting to Mars, launch and trajectory of Mars Science Laboratory- was presented by Alan Rich. His discussion centered around the entry of the rover. Later Ian Hewitt would discuss the equipment on board the rover and Mike Malaska would discuss the landing site.  For those interested in the science behind the whole event it was a great introduction. By 1 am however, everyone was ready for the landing. I can only imagine how everyone at JPL were doing at this time. Think about how much work and time they invested in this mission.  It was expressed last night by the applause that erupted when they knew Curiosity was safe.

What this whole event displayed, was STEM at its best. This is a great teaching moment, to show future generations what can be accomplished when we set our minds to it. They can be the engineers and scientists seating at mission control one day. I intend on making sure at the beginning of the year my students have watched some of this footage. It is an inspiration to us all!!


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