Advanced Educators Space Camp Begins….


7:15 am on Saturday I began my journey with other educators to complete one mission, finish Advance Space Camp and graduate. The experience has already been a treat as they say. We started the day by introducing ourselves and learning the background of our team members. A diverse group of people who are dedicated to their profession, which I really do believe. Various members were sponsored last year by different programs like Honeywell. By the way our team name is “Marshall” of course named after Marshall Space Center. Which by the way we are visiting Sunday afternoon. Back to the topic. Teacher’s had to pay for this camp because Honeywell did not sponsor the camp this year. So what did we do? most of us applied for scholarships, grants and some saved up. If there is a will there is a way.

Today was full of training and guest speakers. At 9 am we had Astronaut Dan Thomas as our first guest speaker. He was awesome like usual, I saw him last year at the Honeywell Educators Camp. After Mr. Thomas left we were given a brief lesson on Shuttle Hardware. Nice little lesson could use some of these parts in class.

After lunch we had a special guest, his name Homer Hickman. Yep we got to meet the man behind Rocket Boys and October Sky. Hey was great guest speaker very funny and told some awesome tales. His website hosts a ton of teacher resources and his other books (Homer Hickman)  His talk was really interesting about his new books and his future projects. Of course he told us the truth behind some of the scenes in the movie.



After having the opportunity to hear some great stories, we headed over to our first mission of the day. This time around I was a mission specialists, pretty cool. Last year at Honeywell I was the commander for the first mission and we won best mission. Okay I know that’s in the past and stop bragging, just can’t help it. (Here are the posts from last year)

This would be my first EVA and it was the best. My job was to help another mission specialist fix a satellite. First let me just say the suit was so hot, they have you wear an ice vest to keep you cool. Hot but fun! This was the first mission of the camp. Different from last year, we used a different orbiter and a different mission. It was the last mission of the day and went well.


It was a great day and we totally rocked the EVA. I was tired but what an experience. Again throughout the day  we learned a good deal about team work and collaboration. What does this have to do with the classroom? Whatever we want. I especially have been thinking about how to use Rocket Boys in the class. This would fit well with the Common Core Standards in science.

Again the space camp experience is becoming a total assets to me and my teaching. Next post will be about my scuba experience and other missions. Stay Tuned….


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