What title…2nd Day or Overcoming Fears!

Title really says it all. What the heck should I title this entry? 2nd Day? Umm sounds a bit dry, but it works for now. 2nd Day of what? Advanced Space Camp for Educators.  Totally the best day I have had since my last visit to Space Camp. Sunday was our scuba day, and what a day that was. First I would like to admit I was pretty scared.  The thought of diving in a 24 ft tank using scuba gear?? Yep just a bit scared. Actually, I have to thank the woman Dana who pretty much was patient with me. I eventually did overcome my fear and made it to the bottom. Once there I enjoyed myself.

DSC_0050_thumb          DSC_0056

What does this have to do with my classroom? Well two things, first how does it feel in to be in a  zero g atmosphere. Astronauts train all the time in underwater situations because it is a good model for zero g environments. Now I can actually say to my students I experienced that and relate this to living in space or physic principles. I will point out to them that when I got out of the pool, I felt like I was carrying a ton of weight.


Conquering your fears, that’s the other idea I bring back to my class. I have no problem admitting to my students I was bit fearful when I went down the ladder. But I overcame that fear and experienced something I would never have experienced before (Thank You Space Camp).

For the rest of the day we did our missions and listened to Ed Buckbee author of Space Cowboys. Really awesome speaker, I did hear him last year. But he did a new talk on future space exploration. What’s really awesome is I read his book. Told him that by the way. Great read for anyone who wanted to get an idea about the early space travel.


The day ended with our Orion Mission. This was my second EVA. And much easier then the first.  But just as fun.

2nd EVA_thumb

Basically it was simple repairs on a Moon station. Pretty cool stuff. Well we ended the day with the Astronaut Simulators. Didn’t go on these this year because I had my experience last year. You can see the video at Youtube. All I have to say is what a day at Advanced Educators Space Camp. By the way these entries are a bit late because we are so busy doing other things Camp.

Stay Tune for day 3 and 4…..


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Science Teacher at Cardinal Gibbons High School, Raleigh NC.

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