Another Day….Another Challenge

That’s what I labeled this day at Advanced Space Academy(I’ve been putting Camp, someone corrected me recently its Academy) for Educators. I know I used that title already but it just seems like we were given some great challenges throughout the week. Similar to day two when we did the scuba diving activity, we had another activity to do. This day would prove just as challenging and rewarding.



We started the day with a tour of Hudson Alpha a Biotech company located in Huntsville. The introduction talk prior to the tour of the facilities proved interesting. Since I really don’t teach biology, I will do my best to explain this experience. First, the introduction went over basic genetic principles and then talked about the wrong way we teach genetics. This was a great discussion and we realized we have a lot to learn about genetics. A good author to read for more information about the topic is Ricki Lewis. This brought up a discussion on how textbooks have gotten some of the information wrong and teachers were teaching some genetics wrong. Interesting and I will have to pass on this topic since I am not expert. If you are reading this right now and have some information you would like to share, use the comment area. They continued to impress us with new applications of genetics. At the end they gave us a CD and book for high school curriculum. We all agreed that the tour and talk were great.

Next on the list was the challenge. In Area 51, ropes course, there is a challenge called the “pamper pole”. Well, there is one thing for sure, I think adults do need to wear “pampers” when doing this, just kidding. It was a challenge though but I did it. I completely ignored everyone and did what I had to do to complete the challenge. Again this is just another great story to tell the students. Overcoming your fears and team building. Great tool to use in class, and a big part of real world. Team building became a really big component of this challenge. Your team were holding the ropes that kept you from falling. Yep, trust was involved here. I can’t wait to show pictures and talk about this in class.


The day ended with our EDM training and mission. We had fun with this, but I hate to say it, I killed our crew. I was too busy getting sick (just a medical anomalies ). Ah well I had a feeling we were going to get slammed with all types of problems on our mission. But overall it was fun and pretty interesting. Tornado, medical emergencies, equipment problems etc.. yep and still had to try and help land the orbiter.


Yep this is me saying my goodbyes to the crew after killing them.

Well the day was long but again we developed our Team building skills and challenged ourselves with various activities. The end of our mission was coming, we had our last day on Wednesday and would have our graduation. Bittersweet.


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