Great Ending to a wonderful Experience


The final night proved to be amazing. During the day we had a luncheon with our sponsors. The two main sponsors were Siemens and the College Board. We meet both and introduced ourselves to them. It seems the College Board are the ones who pick the teachers to go to these experiences.  I guess I made an impression with my video to get picked. Actually I really don’t know why they picked me this year. But what I do know, is that this experience was amazing and wonderful.

That night we presented our research project before other STAR researchers, Siemens, College Board and PNNL. Nervous at first we did a good job and our mentor seemed very happy with our presentation. The certificate or diploma given is amazing, it’s framed and will be shipped to us.


My lab jacket is really cool, can’t wait to show that off this year. The experience was one I will never forget. Just talking to our mentors was enlightening, I learned a tremendous amount information and loved every minute of the work I did in the lab. When the night finished I know I was relieved the presentation was over with. I can’t wait to see the pictures from the presentation night. I have some already but the others should be better since we took group pictures.

The final day was Friday and we finalized our paper work. I handed in my mini-grant, I’m hoping to get the new EV3 from Lego. Vernier has a new probe called Radiation Monitor, I hope to use this and EV3 to go over climate factors. Once we handed in all our paperwork and got our lunch we were off to the airport.

So, how can I use this experience in class. Well, there are many ways that I can integrate the information I learned on this experience into my classroom. Especially the research steps. Using the STEM Student Research Handbook from NSTA and what I learned on my experience, I hope to implement the correct procedure for research projects.  Following the proper steps is very important in real life science, so it should be in class research. Another component I can use is the Geology of the Mammoth site, it fits in perfectly with the Geological Time Scale. A project that I’m thinking about is having students look over geological history of the mammoth site. There are plenty of ideas in my head right now, but I need time to digest everything we saw. It was amazing all the information I digested on this trip.


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