Here we go….

Well two weeks to go and another year begins at my school. Changes have occurred throughout the school. Not bad changes. Just new changes. Mostly building changes which I know I’m excited about. New science rooms, office, lobby and media room. Yep definitely exciting this year.


science                lobby

Other then the changes in the building we have new faculty and technology this year. Again really exciting.  With cuts across the board in education we are very lucky to have had this plan approved early on. I think this really is the result of our principal and his hard work. Others also played a role in the project, but he was non stop with getting funding and the plans implemented.  Our vice principal and facilities/accountant person were really the ones getting all of this done on time.

So with all this new stuff I now have to think about all the things I learned during the summer experiences. I’m finally getting a chance to digest everything I did this summer. What I have brought back from all my experiences has been an asset to my classroom. Now its looking at how to implement this in the classroom.  I’ve already know that my experience with 2013 Siemens STARs research will fit perfectly in my geology section of class. I’m in the process of putting together a presentation using the pictures and research I did this summer. (see other posts for information) Using research information I can integrate everything into the  geological history and rock cycle sections.  Some of the websites we used during our research were excellent resources for geological history. If you are interested here is a google document with the websites. 

The other experiences will be great for electromagnetic spectrum and meteorology. Where we were at Langley we got a chance to talk to people about lasers and how they were used on satellites. In my other posts you can find all the resources I gained from this experience.  Last experience, Advanced Space Academy for Educators, and this experience showed me how I can overcome my fears with the help of others( go Team Marshall). This will be more of a story to tell students and maybe have them write something about how they have overcame some form of obstacle.

I’ve already decided to start class this year a little different, I ‘m going to continue to use the team building activities I did last year. Because as I found out this summer on all my experiences, collaboration and communication play a major role in real life STEM jobs. So I think this is important for the beginning of school. Plus this is when I put everyone into their groups, randomly.  But after this I’m going to have students do a project on the literacy principles.  Groups will be given two principles in one of the literacy components. I’m hoping to have enough groups to do all the principles so no one group is doing the same.



Ocean Literacy











I’m going to allow my students to choose how they want to present the information. I’ll give them some basics to guide them at the beginning but I want them to pretty much figure it out for themselves and be creative.  I’ll also suggest some tools such as Prezi, WeVideo,  etc.  I would use glogster but it costs money now. Actually I think students could use Microsoft publisher if need be, it would just be saved to a USB and not the cloud. I’ve found that they can pretty much create the similar presentations using word or publisher. I think you get the idea by now. Why am I doing this project is because at the NSTA I didn’t realize how important it is for our students to be aware of the different components of Earth Science and Earth Systems. I mean I knew but just didn’t know there were resources out there to help teach these topics. Plus it fits the Next Generation Standards.

I could go on with all the ideas I have for the beginning of school. But then this post would be a mile long. So I’m going to stop here and continue to discuss all the new classroom tools I obtained this summer in other posts. Since it is the beginning of school , I’m hoping to keep up with everything. So bear with me, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the experiences I had during the summer. I know my PLN really got a boost.Winking smile


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