Literacy Project Completed

I finally completed the Literacy project and found it worked out well. I’m thinking of using a principle every day to warm the class up. It could come from any one of the Literacy’s we used in the project. Idea forming, year long project? Maybe? If you have any ideas feel free to post them.

To understand what this blog is about you need to read the Literacy project I posted in one of my other blog entries. No problem just go here.

I did do the Literacy project and I would say it was a success in some ways. While in others it needs to be improved. First the success , students became more informed about the issues facing climate, ocean and the Earth in general. The literacy formats are really easy to use and can be used to cut across topic lines. Pretty much each of the principles the projects use can be linked (correlated, trying to find the proper word here) to Next Gen Standards. Check out the example below of the Ocean Literacy with the National Science Standards.


Each of the literacy has a movie on youtube. The Earth Science Literacy from AGI has a DVD with all the principles on it, but you can get these videos on youtube. Check them out they are pretty good and my students doing the Earth Science Literacy used them as a resource.  After students gathered their information they then could use any format to present. This is where I think I will make changes. Their choice of presentation format was PowerPoint. Don’t get me wrong I think PowerPoint is great for presentations, but I wanted a bit more variety or rather creativity.  Some did do Prezi presentations and they were very good. I think next year we we will do video presentations and Padlet for whiteboards (thanks for the idea Angie). I also think students don’t need a lot of time for this , actually when given class time I found most student groups had finished their presentations early. On another note I also had them set up Google accounts so they could share information. I’m loving the Google documents and other Google resources. Good resource on Google apps is Richard Bryne and his blog. Once students completed their projects they began their presentations.  I do use a rubric to grade students, its very basic, but I think its appropriate for this project in my case. I use points on the project.

Bottom line is the project was a good idea, but needs some tweaking. I will definitely use it next year but with those minor changes in place.  Since Earth Science Week is celebrated every year this might be a good idea for an activity during that week.  I’m also going to do a survey or formative assessment at the end to find out how much students are learning from the project. Feel free to post any questions you might have about the project.


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