Thanksgiving…Board Builder

As we entered the Thanksgiving week, work had slowed down enough to start thinking about another blog entry. After Discovery VirtCon ideas were floating around in my mind for different activities in the classroom.  I was especially thinking about how to use the new Board Builder in Discovery.

What I came up with is a project we had completed last year but now I added the Board Builder to the requirements. I’ve already discussed the project “Alternative Energies” in prior entries. Using the same basic outline I had students researching different sources of energy. In some classes I had students also introducing efficiency, conservation and climate change. I included these topics because I wanted students to get the “Whole” story on alternative energy.  The project outline included: questions about their energy, advantages and disadvantages, and the energy’s connection to North Carolina. I wanted students to become informed citizens of NC, know what was happening in their state. (NC State Standards)

Students were required to do all their work in a Google Presentation. This could easily be shared with their partners and me. I’m definitely becoming a fan of Google. One of my goals for this project was to create a paperless project.  Using the Board Builder and Google were the two tools I picked for this project.

Board Builder is a tool Discovery Education recently added to the builder tools section.

Builder Tools

Similar to Glogster the Board Builder can be used instead of posters. I’ve been waiting for an alternative to Glogster. I did enjoy it when I used it, but to pay for the service was not worth it for my situation, since I really didn’t use it on a regular basis.  The Board Builder is a free tool to Teachers who sign up for Discovery. Perfect!

The tool offers Templates students can start with and then change to suit their topics.


After the project I’m hoping to be able to share some of the best boards my students created. What I like about the Boards is you can add attachments, this is great for Bibliographies and Resources.  A great Teaching Tool and I can’t wait to use this in other projects and assignments. For ideas about how to use the Boards take a look at Chad Lehman’s 50 Ways to Use Board Builder.

Sample Board


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