Board Builder Revisited

Well the project is finished and I am happy to say the students enjoyed the use of the Board Builder in the Discovery Ed. The boards were simple but visual pleasing. Students used the boards to visually outline their Alternative Energy Projects. When talking to some of the students about the Board Builders, they commented that it seemed easier to use then other programs.

board example

However, there were some problems when saving the boards. If the internet connection had any problems some students lost their work unless they saved the project a couple of times. We found this out at the beginning of the project, so I reminded students to save often. Otherwise students liked the way you could upload certain types of documents, bibliographies to be specific. Another positive to the web tool was that students could search Discovery for any videos or photos they would like to use in the project. So the good points, it’s free compared to Glogster, pictures and video are readily available on discovery, and attachments can be added to the board.


The bad points, if your internet connection is not good you will have problems, I found out at school when my students accessed the internet at the busiest time of the day, the connections did not work correctly.  Also if you have problems with flash or Java, this could cause you problems. There were times my students would try to save and couldn’t. There are Pros and Cons to the tool; but overall the tool can be used for other projects. One of the other digital tools I used in combination with this project was Google Presentations. Instead of having students doing a two page paper as years past, I asked them to do a Google Presentation. This allowed them a bit of a leeway with their write up.  I like Google Drive and apps, I’ve been using them a great deal this year. Thanks to other teachers at school, (@CGHSMrsCole and @Melks_Physics) we have come up with many ways to use these teaching tools in class.

What I would advise to everyone is to try the Board Builder. If you have a Discovery subscription all you students can access it and its components. Even if you school does not subscribe to Discovery, as a Teacher you can use it as presentations in class. Try it you might like it. Open-mouthed smile


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