BC 1, 2 and 3..Blog Challenge

I’m a bit behind with the blog posts for the BC 20 Challenge. But I have an excuse I just joined yesterday. So I’m going to combine all three for today. Right here it goes…

For my first Blog entry I would have talked a bit more about our new #edugood Project. An awesome project that I worked with last year and now we starting a whole new year. Each day has a different word or phrase. Using your imagination and a bit of creativity you take a picture that you think represents that word or phrase. Currently there is a twitter account you can follow @Edugood365 and a Flickr account where everyone is posting their pictures. After one year we had about 3,000 pictures. What an awesome project. One good thing this project has made me do is to stop and take a break from all the hectic things happening around me. Its also is real fun. In another part of my blog you can see my Grand Finale picture for 2013. Try it you might like it.

Second on my list is the #DENchat we had the other night. It was great! The number of people who participate was amazing and the ideas that were flowing were great. In a matter of an hour I obtained new ideas for my flipped classroom and new tech tools. Recently I had the opportunity to use Thinklink for our upcoming science festival. Definitely a blog entry for the future. PNaugle showed me how she used it in class. You can find her blog entry #4  addressing the topic. Some really cool ideas for the classroom. Here is my use of it for our science festival. Looks like edtech tool you can use in the classroom for projects. I’ll have to think about this a bit.

Third entry I would have discussed is twitter and how it has really enhanced my PLN. I’ve found more teachers on twitter than any where else. The collaboration is awesome and if you haven’t already joined twitter I would advise you do so. Not to just tweet. Because many people don’t have the time or desire to tweet all the time. Plus I understand it can be scary. But just joining the educational chats can be rewarding. I know #Denchat has become very popular. I’m not saying it’s the total answer to developing your PLN, but it helps and the ideas you can gather from other teachers attending these chats is amazing. Actually there are tons of other chats happening about education. Check out this article about the topic. If twitter is not your thing, then join something Edutopia or DEN (Discovery Educators Network). I’ve found they can really give you some great information.

Okay short and sweet. Thanks to Kelly Hines for sending the challenge out about blogging. Great idea!


About rippie77

Science Teacher at Cardinal Gibbons High School, Raleigh NC.

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  1. I am so excited that you’ve joined us on this journey! Remember to share on Twitter using #bc20 and search for others to support!

  2. I too joined a bit late to the game! But I am working on catching up! here are my posts http://whatdoesmfoxysay.edublogs.org/ Loved that you mentioned Twitter, I am doing a PD session at my school for newbies. Could you join a hashtag chat on 1/20 in the AM? #Brookside Please DM me @dee8906, if you can join us. Really want to show the staff the value of Twitter ! Thanks! happy blogging!

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