BC # 4 …CGHS Science Festival

So I promised in one of my other blog entries that I would talk about our upcoming science festival. A 3 hour night that everyone in the Science department is taking part in. The idea came to me about a year ago and I proposed it to our department. I had read about other schools holding a STEM event for their community and thought this might be something good for our community. Well guess what? It worked and now we are hosting our first science festival at Cardinal Gibbons High School. 



Getting everyone on board was easy, communication was the hardest part. Getting the word out to middles schools and middle school teachers was a hard job. I think this year we are just relying on word of mouth and then next year we hope to expand our communication.  So I would advise anyone who is going to do this make sure you establish a line of communication with your middle school teachers.  We hope to have a signup for future notifications at the event.

Our second hurdle was when to hold it. January seemed the best with all the other events occurring at school. So we decided on January 13th a Monday.  Now we needed to decide on a time. Hoping to draw more people we scheduled the event from 5-8 pm.  What impressed me the most was the support of my administration and colleagues. Very important if you are to succeed in doing this type of planning.

I can’t thank my colleagues for coming through with some awesome STEM activities.  See the schedule below. Plus visitors will be able to meet our Science Olympiad and Robotics teams.

“Belly Button Biodiversity” presentation by NC State graduate students — Main Theater from 5:30 – 6:15 pm and again from 6:30 – 7:15 pm

Belly buttons fascinate us all.  Ever wonder what microbes may be living inside your belly button?  The Belly Button Biodiversity Project is currently researching this unique biome.   Come and learn more about how this collection of organisms on our skin forms our first line of defense against pathogens.

Stargazing on the Piazza

Have you always wanted to gaze into the night sky through a telescope?  Maybe you really are an astronomer at heart.   What is special about the night sky on January 13, 2014?  Stop by and bring your eye up to the lens to view our solar system and beyond.

Science Olympiad – Auxiliary Gym

Introduce yourself to our medal winning Science Olympiad team and see how they are preparing for their upcoming regional competition – from elastic launched gliders to bottle rockets to boomilevers to forensic science to Duck® tape structures to …

ROBOTICS – room 120

Come and meet the Gibbons Robotics team — the Purple Gears, and see their latest robotic designs perform specific tasks as they ready for the upcoming FIRST Tech Challenge.  In the past five years the team has developed novel solutions to earn one published patent application and two pending submissions.     

The Strawberry Genome Project – rooms 219 and 221

All living things, including the food you eat, have DNA – the genetic code.  In this 20 minute laboratory experience you will extract visible DNA strands from the cells of a strawberry and find out what it means to be OCTOPLOID!  Delicious!

Olympic Broomball – room 223

It may not be ice hockey or officially the sport of curling, but you can challenge yourself employing the laws of physics, and record the fastest time by chasing a bowling bowl along a bordered course with only a broom!

NASA – A STEM Activity Area – room 225

What’s the buzz about STEM?  Find out why you have the “right stuff” to be an engineer, a scientist, or mathematician in the 21st century.  Engage yourself in a variety of STEM activities from rockets to rovers.  You can even try landing the Mars rover, “Curiosity” using Xbox.  Innovators unite!

Dazzling Demos in Chemistry – rooms 227 and 228

  • See the Miracle – turn water into wine!!
  • Get excited by watching “excited electrons” produce light.  Chemiluminescence – is this what happens in a firefly?
  • Old Faithful has nothing on Old Foamey – come check it out!
  • Shake it Up!!  Come and jiggle the flask and make it turn the colors of a stoplight!

Who knows what else?  Chemistry holds “the element” of surprise!

The Unnoticed World – room 229

Come and meet – up close and personal, some of the most common insects and discover nature’s remarkable beauty. Visitors participate in caterpillar and termite races and win a prize

Concessions – CGHS Café

Fuel your science brain and give it a rest with a snack or two from the concessions.

check the website for a map

I have to thank Joleen Smith for this wonderful write up she is amazing when it comes to this type of job. There are a lot people working on this event, and that is what you need when doing something like this. It can get overwhelming if you don’t have the help you need. Now we wait and see, if 20 people show up I think it’s a success because it’s a start. Once we get our foundation we can build on it next year. I do have to mention here that the parents have been awesome. They have given us a great deal of support and are volunteering to help in any way possible. A special thanks  to them.  Also a special thanks to all my colleagues taking the time out of their to schedule to do this event.


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