Alamo Super Regional Day One

We are here! Yeah. We only found out 8 days ago we had made the Super Regionals.  Yep, 8 days of preparation. Not much. But the Gibbons Robotics team did an awesome job preparing and getting here. Its really rocking here at the Convention center where the  (hastag) #AlamoFirst regionals is being held. I’ll try to be descriptive enough in the next few blog entries so you get the idea of how amazing this event is. 72 teams  are attending this regional.


DSC_0044We arrived at the competition early evening and set out to set up our pit area. Meanwhile the team members worked on getting the robot inspected. Everyone chipped in and by the time the night ended we had successfully set up our pit area and attracted a few teams for our alliance.

I think one  of the most amazing thing I have seen is that number of people who have come by to talk with the team. They seem to be very impressed by the our 3D drawings and Engineering views. This of course includes our patents that we are obtaining for some of the hardware on the robot.

DSC_0034    DSC_0036


Special Thanks to Theo Foster from Haynes and Boone for helping us get our recent patents.

Of course who to thank for all this support are the Coaches and Mentors. Amazing job they have done getting this team to where it is today.  Official competition starts on Thursday and runs into Friday. Check out the live feed if you would like to watch the competition. Gibbons has the first match at 2:00 pm on Thursday Feb. 27th.

I will continue to update the blog and twitter (@rippie77) with news about the competition.


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Science Teacher at Cardinal Gibbons High School, Raleigh NC.

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