Summer Action begins

So the year is finally over, grades in and room cleaned. We have a ton of new teachers coming on board so its going to be a really different school year next year. Meanwhile, the summer is starting and I’m looking forward to the beginning. The month of June is when all the action is occurring for me.  I first am off to New York my hometown to visit my old school Saint Anthony’s. An awesome school and I’m hoping to find out what they have been doing on the science front. I know they are building new labs so I can’t wait to talk to everyone. I taught at Saint Anthony’s during the early 90’s before moving to Cardinal Gibbons High School. Both are great schools by the way. Common theme the Franciscan Brothers. The other place I would love to visit and hope I get a chance is the World Trade Center Building. I was there a month after the 911 attack, would love to see the new building. Many people in our area lost their lives that day, would love to pay my respects.


After New York I come home and two days later I head to Cleveland Ohio and the Glen Research Center for NASA. I got the NES(NASA Explorers School)  teacher recognition trip this year. So I’m a bit exited since I have never been to this NASA center. Can’t wait. Also meeting up with 3 or 4 teachers I’ve been on PD opportunities with before. Plan on doing some reconnecting with everyone.  Hopefully I’ll be blogging each day about what we are doing. Never been to Ohio as a matter of fact and can’t wait. Once I finish this I then head straight to Atlanta, Georgia for the ISTE 2014 conference.  Now this is going to be amazing, I’ve looked at the convention center and all the presentations, what do you go to first??? I mean here is an example of the exhibitor floor plan. Amazing, I’ll be spending a ton of time in the exhibitor hall.  There’s over a 1,000 presentations going on. I’m just now sifting through to find things I would like to go to. They even have app for the iPhone and android for the conference. This should be interesting to find out about new technology and how tech is being used by other teachers in the classroom. Fits right in with my revamping of the curriculum. Might come away with some good ideas. I’ll keep everyone posted.

So, New York, Cleveland and Atlanta, all in June. And I thought this summer would be quiet, who knew. In July I hope to redo my curriculum using different strategies for different topics. I would like to implement a PBL for minerals and rocks. I think I need to do a better job presenting this topic. I’ve already decided to do a group project on local rivers and streams. Other ideas include coding and littlebits. So yeah many things to think about as the summer moves along. Thumbs up


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