Makerspace vs Shop different or the same?

I decided I needed to write a quick note about this topic; Makerspace. Good idea? I think so, but remember anything is good when used correctly. It can be a room or within a classroom. That’s the new topic appearing on the internet. But for some of us do you remember Shop? I sure do and that’s where I learned how to use a drill, table saw and other tools properly. Is this beginning to sound familiar?

For the past couple of weeks Makerspaces have been the topic of discussion in many chats and articles. The website makerzine has some really great articles if you are looking for some help. At the ISTE 2014 conference in Atlanta there were a ton of workshops and discussions on Makerspaces. We just got our Makerspace at school and this school year the room should be really busy with new courses we are implementing.

So I’m getting off the topic, what I’m trying to point out here is that Shop during my time is the same thing as the Makerspace. Amazing how education and schools turned their backs on these types of courses in the 90’s or maybe later, and now they are coming back. Well in some other form they are coming back.

I guess my point is that when I was growing up engineering and problem solving were already a part of courses like Shop. So we had a good many students heading into engineering and other STEM areas. I think when Shop left the schools, we began to see the drop in students entering the STEM fields. I don’t have any data to prove this but is there a correlation? I don’t know. And of course I have no statistics. But I’m just pointing this out.  Thinking smile

Here are some resources you can us to set up a Makerspace:

What is a makerspace?

Create a school makerspace in 3 simple steps

How might we….create the next great innovator


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