Summer Robotics Course

So I decided to just write a brief entry on a summer robotics course I took in July. I know its been a while, since my last entry. That’s in part due to the school starting near the beginning of August and its been pretty busy for first month.  But during the summer I got the opportunity to learn some programming through Carnegie Melons Robotics Academy.

The course I took was given by Carnegie Mellon, Robotics Academy. The course Lego/Tetrix Professional Development was given online during the month July.  It was a week of learning about Programming robots and using Tetrix parts. I did the week long course in July , it was in the afternoon from 3-5 pm.

rembot     textris

One of the great components of the course was the Robot C programming lessons. During the week I pretty much got a crash course in Robot C. A bit more complicated then the Lego program, this program (Robot C), was used for the NXT and EV3.  The amount of information I learned during the week was amazing. There were various assignment requirements, that included programming a robot.  Had some help with last two challenges, thanks to our Robotics Coaches and especially Margaret Toebes. There were a total of 4 challenges. All included programing challenges. The building part I found easy, programing I think is bit more difficult.

Robo500         sentry


Overall the course really gave me insight into the First Robotics and programming. The only advice I would give about taking the course, if you want to take it slowly you might want to take it once a week. The 5 day course was pretty intense and fast.  Otherwise  I learned a lot.


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