Kahoot vs Socrative

Wow another blog entry and within a couple of days. Amazing! 🙂

This probably has been done before but I’ll put my two cents into the mix. This year one of the other teaching tools I have used is Kahoot. A game based response system hosted online, that’s pretty much what the website states. Socrative is another popular online response system. I’ve used both in class and found good and bad points for both

Kahoot makes the quizzing a bit more competitive, “game like”. My students actually like Kahoot. They are always trying to outdo each other and win the points competition. I’ve used this as a warmup to the daily lessons. Usually, quizzing students on the information presented in school the day before. It pretty much has very similar features to Socrative. Below is an example of the excel download for quiz results.


You can see the results for each student. Very useful feature. Kahoot also allows you to upload images and attach video to a question. Not bad. A definite minus for Kahoot is the limit on characters in your multiple choice questions and answers. These are the questions I usually use.  I have never used the discussion or survey functions. Tons of ways to use all these features and I’m hoping to try them out soon. Definitely a favorite among my students.

Socrative is bit different, but very similar in many ways. I like the Rocket Race, this is pretty close to the points feature of Kahoot. Kids love to use this feature when competing against one another. I do like the exit ticket feature, this can be a good tool when students need to be quickly assessed before leaving the class period. Socrative also has a way to import excel sheets with questions. You can download the template from the website. One thing, make sure in the properties dialog box (right click the file) you click unblock if you are getting a memory error. This happens with Microsoft Office 2013.


Quick question is another great tool. Good example I wanted to get a quick answer from the students about a lab and I used the quick short answer tool for it. Worked really well. I do like the options in the results feature. You can actually download them to your Google drive or view them as charts. The only drawback of Socrative is it is a bit clunky as they say when entering questions. You really do need to make sure your Java is working and certain features on your browser are enabled.

For the high school level, both are pretty cool tools to use in class. I’ll probably start using Socrative to see how that one works. I think the students like the Kahoot design better, more of a game. They actually are having fun learning something, go figure!.


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