FTC Qualifier 2015

It’s the start of a whole new season with the robotics club. They have their first “official” competition tomorrow. Cardinal Gibbons again will host a Qualifying tournament for First Robotics. Set for Saturday January 17th from 7 am – 5:30 pm, 19 teams have been confirmed. We are lucky to be able to broadcast the event live on the Cardinal Gibbons High School Cube Channel (now called the cube).

Details of the event are located at our school website and the robotics page

Tournament Map

Tournament Map

Pictures will be posted in the future about the event. Hosting an event can be difficult but a rewarding experience for your school community. I found that out last year and again this year.

Speaking Robotics this contest looks pretty cool; Zero Robotics.  As I’m writing this they are broadcasting the finals live. There’s a High School category. I’m wondering if any of our students would be interested. I might just bring this up to our Robotics Coach. But after this weekend. The contest is run by the CASIS Academy which a friend of mine belongs to. She posted this the other day and then on twitter I saw the live feed. Its a competition that lasts from September to December. Here is the description on the website:

The participants compete to win a technically challenging game by programming their strategies into the SPHERES satellites. The game is motivated by a current problem of interest to DARPA, NASA and MIT.  Student software controls satellite speed, rotation, direction of travel, etc.  Depending on the game premise, the students must program their satellites to complete game objectives (navigate obstacles, pick up virtual objects, etc.) while conserving resources (fuel, charge, etc.) and staying within specified time and code-size limits.  The programs are “autonomous” – that is, the students cannot control the satellites during the test itself.  (Zero Robotics Website)

Until my next post.. Tournament Results.. Hope everyone had a good start to the New Year.



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