A year with Robotics

I’ve been wanting to write about the Robotics Team and my experience with the program for a while. Since it is becoming a very popular program in schools these days, I thought the information I posted might help those who are starting a program or have one already.  I know I have posted before about robotics. Some things might be the same while others are a look back on how the year went.

First I’ll update the results from the Qualifier at Cardinal Gibbons. As a team we won the Connect Award . The students did a good job talking about all the events and outreach they did during the year. The results and video of the competition can be found at our robotics page. 

Robotics Photo Gallery

After the tournament the team worked on their design. There were problems during the Competition which needed to be addressed. Team members did an awesome job addressing them for the next tournament. Lesson learned here, problem solving and making adjustments to their design so they could improve their tournament performance.  Next stop was the Trinity School Tournament.  The video from the competition is available here. The team won the PTC Design Award. Great achievement. All of the judges awards are located at 2014-2015 NC FTC Qualifier Award Winners .

Again the team worked on improving the robot and this time the State Tournament was the next stop. One of the major areas of the tournament for Robotics is not only the actual robots performing on the field but the team doing well in the interviews. In the last two interviews the team did a good job, but at States they were up against 32 other teams. Definitely needed to be at their best.  The Gibbons team walked away with the PTC Design Award again, but didn’t qualify for the Super Regionals this year. Results haven’t been posted yet. The team was a bit disappointed.  However, there will be other chances, the Robotics Club is here to stay at Gibbons.

As we close our season this year in Robotics, there will be a many changes coming. Many of our students are Seniors and now we will have a whole new team next year. This means a good deal of change for the program. We have already begun our outreach again for this year. Our coaches are more than willing to keep going and working on bettering the team every day.

There are many different ways to get your program support. One of them is having outside companies help with funding. We are lucky because now we have a maker room. This wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for our parent supporters. Especially our coaches Mr. Toebes, Mrs. Toebes and Mr. Kelley. Of course there are other parents who have been important to the program, and their support is very important to the success of the program.  They have helped get the equipment, such as the milling machine and 3D printer for the room.  Hint, if you are going to have a program make sure you have parent support. They are very important component to our program. If you are in a situation where you don’t have parent support, you might look at other teachers or industry help. I know there are Robotics teams that have local business people mentoring during the season. Second area of support is the Administration. We are very lucky to have a Principal who believes in the program and willing to support it.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I really am lucky to be a part of this program at Gibbons. Its been a great experience for me.


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