5 Ways to Launch Your Genius Hour Projects to the World – A.J. JULIANI

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been asked the same question multiple times after speaking, “Do you still believe Genius Hour and 20% Projects are the best way to engage students?” My initial response was to shout YES, without really thinking about my answer. But, as someone who ran the 20% Project with my students, …

Source: 5 Ways to Launch Your Genius Hour Projects to the World – A.J. JULIANI

I really like this and probably will use this next time. I have already implemented the project. I did narrow their focus a bit, and kept their projects on STEM Topics. Students did do a Brainstorming session to see what they might want to do outside the STEM topic area. When reviewing their Brainstorming papers most of them did pick subjects they were curious about. I did tell students I didn’t want them becoming bored with their topic, I wanted them to honestly be interested in what they are doing.  I’ll continue to update my blog with posts about the project and how its going. I do like the “Launch Cycle”, and hope to use in the future.


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