Computer Science in the Science Classroom

First let me just say that Computer Science can include a broad range of topics. One of those topics can include 3D modeling or coding. Recently I was asked how can you implement these in a science class. Well my answer was I can do it because the administration supports it. However, as I think about it I would figure a way to integrate the topics into class. Meaning, even with testing and other requirements today there are ways to implement some of these computer topics in class.

Here’s an example I’m working on now; of course this can be a bit different for middle and elementary school, but I think it the premise is the same.

I’ve decided this year to give my Forensic class a different end of the semester project. This year I’m having my students Write/Sketch/Build a crime scene. This will include 3D printed parts. I’m giving the students a bit of a change and allowing them to use the 3D printer for some of the building parts. Below was a test of our 3D printer and a hotel room stl file from thingverse. Let’s see what they come up with. This should be fun.

(This file is created by lgstoian)

In my other class Earth Science I have students working on the Genius Hour/20% project. Which I still have to give an update on. I can briefly say it’s working great this year. Two groups have chosen to do their project in Computer Science. One group is working with the EV3’s and the Space Challenge. Which includes building and coding. Using the challenge has been a great way to introduce students coding and robotics. I’m especially looking into introducing coding at some point hopefully in the future.


The second group is creating a video tutorial on the 3D modeling program Tinkercad. They are creating this video for a middle school audience. They will use their video to teach middle schoolers how to create various items for 3D Printer. Part of their project, which I think is a awesome, they are creating houses for a another groups tsunami project. I can’t wait to see their work I think it’s going to be great. Actually they are actually making this video for another teacher I know. Her class is starting to use a 3D printer and she would like some type of tutorial for her students. Since her and I are collaborating on a talk at the NSTA National Conference in Tennessee. We thought this would be a great way of collaborating on the topic of 3D printing. Our talk is “Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation: Using a 3D Printer to Energize Your Teaching”come on by if you at the conference.


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