NSTA16.. First Presentation

Wow I’m always really impressed by this conference. Between the number of presentations, meetings, focus groups and attendees it has be an huge deal fro me. Not sure if everyone agrees. Some people don’t enjoy events like this but I sure do.  Sorry this is so late, its been a bit busy since returning to school.

The whole event was kicked off on Wednesday night with Bill Nye from the Planetary Society. It was a really good talk and I never realized how funny he can be. Fast forward when we at the Planetary Society table in the exhibitors we saw him again. He has such a following among everyone it is amazing. Camera’s don’t stop when he is around. His theme is “we are creating the next great generation”.  Teachers signed up for the new “STEAM TEAM”. Let’s see what happens with that. I did sign up for other opportunities so we will see how they pan out.


Next day was our presentation day. I was presenting  for the first time at NSTA with a fellow colleague from NASA Explorers School Kathy Biernat, who by the way is inspiring.  She has some experience with presentations, so this worked out well. We had decided in the Summer that we would present at the conference on 3D printing. How we incorporated it into our class and how we were collaborating on different ideas.  If you are interested in 3D printing and want to join other teachers, you can see our presentation PowerPoint here and sign up with our discussion group. We are trying to form a group of educators who would like to bounce ideas off each other and help each other out. Hopefully we will be getting a website or Google group together.  The presentation went well I think and it was my first.  On to the next one!

It’s been two weeks since the event and I’m still sifting through all the information I obtained at the conference.  I went with another colleague from school.  He went on one of the day trips, Oak Ridge. He said it was very good. Meanwhile, the exhibitors hall was overwhelming and I did my best to get to the exhibitors I wanted to.  One of the exhibitors was Dremel 3D printing  company. Yep the tool company is now getting into 3D printing for education. I was invited to their lunch and they showed off their new 3D Printer that would be available in May.  My school is looking into buying some new 3D printers. Makerbot was also at the conference and showing off its goods.  Their new product also looked interesting.

One of the workshops I did attend was by NSTA and writing for their publications. I’ve always wanted to write an article for the Science Teacher but have never found out the criteria. Kathy and I would like to collaborate on article for Science Teacher and 3D Printing. This workshop was very helpful with that. If you are thinking about writing for one of the publications, you should really attend one of their webinars or workshops.  I also attended a Wards Scientific workshop, it was also good. Everything I went to was good and interesting.  Gave me a couple of ideas to bring back to the classroom.

Some advice the key is when going to the national conference I pick workshops out that you can get ideas from.  Of course there are some you find are not right for you, have a backup ready just in case. I will tell you the exhibitors workshops usually close really quick, you need to get there early.


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