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Source: Using Stand Up Tables in the Classroom | Edutopia

After reading this article I’m thinking of allowing students to stand in class. It really does a good job pointing out some of the benefits of this option.  Of course I would have to think about rules students would follow to be able to do this. I did like the suggestion in the article about the new gained rights and responsibilities of the students:

Students were …allowed to stand as long as we made reasonable decisions on where we stood and made sure we were not obstructing anyone’s view or being distracted by people we were standing beside.

A good start to some of the rules I would implement in class. I like this idea because I know I have had students who would prefer standing. They usually get very restless in their seats. I think giving students this option in class might help improve focus for some of them.  Again I would make this a choice, this is not for all students. The only problem I see which was mentioned in the article is the  work area. As I think about implementing this idea I need to think about the classroom and how to do it. I’m picturing counter space designated for this purpose. This is not a new idea, but I think it is becoming popular among teachers. I know the  concerns teachers voice deal mostly with class management. However I think this can be addressed by teachers who are flexible. I don’t think this is for everyone, but if you are flexible and willing to try something new, I think this is great. Our librarians like to stand and have desks that suit this option. So why not let students? Adults like to do it.

If you ever have thought about this, check  this article out it might help with your decision.


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