Summer Thoughts

So I’m probably near the end of my summer. We ended our school year the weekend of memorial day and go back early August. So… I’m almost at the end. Ask me what I did this summer and I’m not sure. It went by so quick. I did try to take  time for myself and do things I enjoy. I actually caught up on some reading that had been put on hold. But I’m still at a loss what I did.

I do have an idea for the upcoming school year that I already posted about and I’m trying to iron out in my mind. I’ve been reading a good deal about allowing students to stand to in class. I know, there are are a lot of variables you need to take into account. But as I continue to think about this,  I think I’m going to create some standing stations at our counters. This might help those students who can’t sit still and can use a little help focusing and it could create a better atmosphere for them. Now I know this could create some problems, but its worth a try. See my earlier post about the article I read.  I’m leaning towards trying this year.

Another new “tool” (I’ll call it that for now) available to me this year is a new 3D printer from Dremel.  We recently purchased the new Dremel 3D40edu.  I was given permission to order two printers one for the IT department and the other for Science. Well lets just say both have been in constant use.


It was also used in our Academic camp this year for 3D modeling. Both work like a charm and came with some lesson plans. I’m definitely looking into doing something this year with students. But I have to figure out what. I want them to create the model, not just download something from the internet.  Something I will have to really think about.

The last item I have been thinking about is having students read a book for the first semester project. I would split the year, 1st semester book project and 2nd semester “Genius Hour”. This is something I definitely would like to implement this year. I thought I would assign the book to make sure students are working on the same page. Not sure yet, pros and cons to this. What I also might do is assign a couple of choices and let them choose. It would be a good way to get them to read. The other option was to assign a weekly reading assignment and have them discuss in class on Fridays. This could be a kind of current events assignment.  II really have a lot of choices here. One of the books I was thinking of assigning was Rocket Boys by Homer H. Hickman Jr. My reasoning is our history teacher shows October Sky in class and this might be something we could collaborate on.

Yep a couple of items I really do have to think about. But they are already coming together. Meanwhile I started my professional development this summer and will post about in the next entry.


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Science Teacher at Cardinal Gibbons High School, Raleigh NC.

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