Far tooooo Long

Time, what’s that? I’ve been really  behind with my blog these days. I haven’t made an entry  in a while so we’re going to start the first entry about the beginning of the school year. I know it’s 4 months into the school year actually more than 4 months for us into the school year because we started really early in August this year.

I decided to change a couple of things, I had to actually make the change. With regrets Zaption went away and I had switch to another site. I now use PlayPostit  for all my videos PlayPostit used to be Educannon. The good thing about PlayPostit was that you had until September 30th to switch over all your zaption videos. Of course I completely forgot and did not switch mine over. However I did start posting on PlayPostit. Here are the some good points and the bad points about PlayPostit. One good thing is that you can place questions in the video, so students will have to answer questions as they are watching the video. I know many of my students have said that they prefer having questions within the video then at the end of the video. Some of the controls in the video allow you to control the rewind and fast forward.

The second thing you can do we play posted as you can keep an eye on what questions students got right, the analytics isn’t bad for a  free version. The pro version  is a little bit different than the free version. I’m still working with the free version. Some of the advantages of having the pro version is the analytics. You can see when students hand in their work late and there are more in depth views of questions. One thing you should tell your students that they have to finish the whole video if they don’t finish the video it will put down incomplete or lock them out. I would say that I’m not happy but I’m not unhappy with the program. I am thinking next year to go back to Screeencast which is part of Camtasia. I do like the interface between Camtasia and Screencast. Once you are ready to produce your video in Camtasia you can upload automatically to Screencast. What’s stopping me from changing? I don’t like making my students change in mid-year, it can complicate things.

If I were flipping my class for the first time I would start with PlayPostit. It’s easy to use and pretty straight forward. You can upload your video to YouTube and then create the vodcast. Once you are comfortable using that tool I would then suggest expanding to Camtasia and Screencast. Just my opinion.


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Science Teacher at Cardinal Gibbons High School, Raleigh NC.

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