Why Stickers, Pizza Parties, and Tickets Didn’t Work in My Classroom – A.J. JULIANI

It was towards the middle of my first year teaching (8th grade) when it hit me: My class was spinning out of control, and it was all my fault. I was an eager first-year teacher, with

Source: Why Stickers, Pizza Parties, and Tickets Didn’t Work in My Classroom – A.J. JULIANI

Some really good points made about rewards in the classroom, or for that matter in any work environment. A couple of books were mentioned that I added to my wish list. Food for thought for this upcoming school year. Of at the end A.J. Juliani discusses the Genius Hour project. Which I try to do every year. But the other points, I think, really hit the mark about rewards. Again Thank You Mr. Juliani for making me think about my classroom and how it works.

Punished by Rewards Quotes

Classroom of Choice by Jonathan C. Erwin


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  1. Hear hear! All those–pizza parties, tickets, etc.–are examples of extrinsic rewards, and Juliani is right that the literature on motivation now offers overwhelming evidence that extrinsic motivation is not only counterproductive in the long run, it’s corrosive to intrinsic motivation.
    I think this is possibly the toughest problem in secondary education, the fact that so many students are solely motivated by extrinsic factors by the time they reach high school, strategic learners rather than deep.

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