Rover is Driving

A couple of things have happened in the past couple of weeks since my last post. The most important Rover event…ITS DRIVING! can’t believe we got it going. But we did it. More like the kids did it! So how did this happen. Well a bit of trouble shooting and hard work. Advice, if you are building the Rover, make sure you have a computer that can handle the Basic Micro Studio software, its needed to calibrate the Robo Claws and Motors. We are still working on turning, but we got it moving. Check out the video below.

The turning will come, once we figure out what is wrong with our settings. The Rover is unique in that has six wheels. So turning is a bit different than a normal 4 wheel turn. The wheels use Ackerman steering which takes into account “if the rover is turning, each wheel will need to spin at a slightly different rate to avoid slipping or “scrubbing”.”

AckermanAckerman Stering Geometry

It’s really interesting looking at the engineering, science and math principles used to build the rover. The next job is not only the turning but also the head. We have to figure out the connections and wiring to the head. The head contains an LED matrix 16×32 pixel display which is controlled by the Raspberry Pi.  Currently the Rover Team is working on getting both done.

Rover Head

We ended up taking part in the NC Museum of Natural Science Astronomy Weekend. Our exhibit contained the Roverto and the Mars map from the Buzz Aldrin Sharespace Foundation.  The Robotics Team and Rover Team, worked together during the day to bring STEM to all the visitors. We had 8 mini rovers, outreach robots and Roverto working all day. According to the museum we had over 14,000 people for the weekend. It was amazing weekend and our students outdid themselves. Throughout the whole weekend visitors complemented our students on their patience and work they were doing.

Our next outreach was part of the Advocacy day for the First Robotics Organization. Our job that day was to talk to NC Representatives and Senators about Robotics and its impact on education. Again another success by our Robotics and Rover Team.


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