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DEN Fall VirtCon

DEN Fall VirtCon.  Another VirtCon is upon us and yes Cardinal Gibbons High School is hosting a F2F (Face to Face) event.

Looks to be like an awesome day again, collaborating and getting new ideas for the classroom. If you are in the Raleigh area, feel free to

register for the event at Cardinal Gibbons. We will have breakfast, Lunch and prizes.  Remember this is not only for Science, this crosses the curriculum.

Awesome resource for Elementary and Middle School. High School teachers can also benefit, I change the lessons to suit my grade level. But one of my favorites about this day is the new technology tools I learn about.

Christmas at Gibbons – YouTube

It has been a very busy year in CGHS Digital Video. We purchased a new video switcher and have been using it during our broadcasts on High School Cube.  Still working out the “Kinks” as they say, but overall it is working great. There is a learning curve but we have been handling it.

On another note one of the Digital Video Students Alumni, Josh Teder class of 2011, has been producing videos to highlight various parts of the “building the vision” project.  A project that includes a new Arts and Athletics Building, plus new classrooms.  His latest project not only highlighted the a section of the new building  but also gave some of the faculty and staff a chance to have some fun.

Josh did a wonderful job and I was proud to be a part of this project. You can see his other works on the Cardinal Gibbons YouTube Channel. 

Enjoy the video:


Christmas at Gibbons – YouTube.