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In-Person Event Raleigh

STAR Discovery Educator

Jannita Demian, Discovery Education, is wrapping up her presentation. She is doing a wonderful job. All the attendees are taking “major” notes. We have collaborated all day with each other and continue to do so for the last session. The highlight of Jannita’s discussion was the Bloom Taxonomy Pyramid with the hotlinks. Everyone here thought that was awesome. We are heading into the last presentation and its been great fun. Hoping the Geocaching is going to be a good presentation. Its been a wonderful day and thanks to all the presenters!

On another note, we had only 7 attendees today. However, the future looks bright for the Raleigh area and another event. This is one of the first events in Raleigh and I hope to host others.

Saturday-In Person Event Raleigh

Preparing for the in-person event that will take place at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh, NC for the Virtual Conference on Saturday April 30th. Spaces are beginning to fill up and we will have a great time collaborating with each other. If you are interested and live in the Raleigh area, you can register here. To see details of the conference go to the DEN blog page.