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Wrapping Up



We finally finished our video projects in Earth Science and they went pretty good. We used the Earth Week DVD that was included in the Earth Week Kit. The DVD was produced by AGI(American Geological Institute). You can find the Big Ideas (Earth Science Literacy Principles) on You Tube. There are some pitfalls I now know to look out for next time. Here is a list of some of the important “points” I discovered during the project:

1- Students need to be introduced to the video editing program before hand. Even if you just show them the basics. This will save time. You can’t assume all students know how to use these programs.

2- Windows Movie Maker (Window Based) and Final Cut (MAC Based-Free version) are two programs I would recommend. Since our school is windows based we used Windows Movie Maker. Use the newest version since it will work with the mp4 format used with the flip cameras.

3- Cameras; flip cameras are the easiest to use since they are USB. However, Kodak makes a SD and USB camera that takes mov movies. We have the Kodak Zi8 and works great. The price was pretty good too.

4- Make sure you backing up student footage. I had some students tape over their footage, luckily I backed their footage up on a portable hard drive. You can buy a cheap 750G hard today for about $70.00. If you can’t afford a hard drive see if your IT person can set up a folder on the local drive for your students to back up their footage.

Overall the project was a success. Little “things” needed to be addressed and changed during the project completion. Students were given an informative survey to complete. They enjoyed the project and wanted to do it again.