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Saturday  was a day reserved for the two guest speakers, Susan Tolley and Dr. Adolph Brown III.

Susan Tolley gave us 5 important points to improve our relationship with our students.

1- Smile- at everyone

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of Love” Mother Teresa

2- Greet children at the Door- Encouragement to students

3- Praise the efforts not just results

No false praise- heartfelt and specific

4- Monitor your language

5- Sum up your Class-Use formative assessment to review your class

Give students a voice into their education

Ms. Trolley’s talk was a reminder on how to establish a good relationship with your students. This relationship is the key to the success of the student. After Ms. Trolley’s talk, Dr. Brown began his talk with a entrance that shocked a few. Dressed in “street” clothes Dr. Brown set out to prove a point to the attendees. Do not judge a book by its cover.

His talk was based on his personal experiences and how they had shaped his outlook on life. He discussed topics out of his book “Real Talk”. By the end of the day attendees were given a tour of Dr. Brown’s Real Talk Lessons.

On Sunday Dr. Brown finished his talk with an important points for elementary, middle and high school teachers. For high school teachers, we should teach students that the behaviors they choose have consequences. Teaching excellence is the constant effort to be better than  before.

Dr. Brown then entertained everyone with his dance skills, The weekend was one of discovery and reflection about Teaching and relationships with students.