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Jupiter Quest


Today was a day to work on controlling the telescope. We each got a chance to put ourselves in the student’s role for the telescope lessons. It was fun and engaging. After using the telescopes, Ben showed us some lessons he had put together for the GAVRT project. We reviewed these then created our own. You can watch us work at the following link

My group had to create a hands-on inquiry activity for our topic. Our topic was waves, this would help introduce students to the key concepts of wavelength, frequency and period. From this activity we hoped to introduce Electromagnetic Spectrum. We will present the activity tomorrow morning, it is based on a lesson with a rope and camera. After the presentations of our lessons we will start our Radio Jove lessons, I can’t wait for these.

This experience has been totally beneficial not only for me but for my students. The amount of information and resources we have been given is amazing. I’m very lucky to have met all the teachers and others involved in this project.