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Space Academy Day Three

20120619_0837        20120619_0800

By day three I think my head is going to explode with all the information I can take back to the classroom. We started the day taking a team picture with our flight suits on. Can’t wait to see that. Then we started to do the Astronaut simulations, this is where the fun began. MAT was the first simulation, this was a chair that hung from the ceiling by springs and other equipment. It simulated walking on the moon. Take a look at the video:

After,  I was talked into doing the astronaut trainer that spins you around. It’s proper name is the Multi Axis Trainer. Wasn’t sure about this one, but I ended up doing it. Check out the video on this one.

During the day we completed our second mission, the Orion mission. This mission was a bit different and I ended up being in Mission Control for this mission. Again the point was we needed to work together to complete a task. Something very valuable to use in the classroom. As with all the other activities we were doing at Space Camp, the main theme was collaboration, communication and team work. After Lunch we went on a tour of the Rocket and Space Center. One of the original Saturn V test rockets are housed in the Museum. I took tons of pictures! The rest of the day was filled with inquiry activities that we could take back to the classroom. The day was packed with fun and learning. I can’t thank Honeywell enough for their support and commitment to teachers. This experinece has been one of a kind and awesome.

Spring “Fling”

The title is a little deceiving. Yes spring is here, but a “fling” well yeah in a way. Today the NC Science Festival started, so yes maybe a spring fling.

Festivities are kicking off all over NC to start this two week long event. You can find details at the NC Science Festival. Some of the events listed are really interesting and I promoted this event in my classroom newsletter. I’ll be heading to the Forces of Nature Family Learning Lab, this really looks good especially since we are heading into the meteorology unit.

“Experience the adventure on-screen and off in this family program that brings you face to face with the forces of nature. See the film and put your knowledge and skills to work as you track hurricanes, clock your wind speed, outrun a tornado, and save Bob…”




There are other events I’m thinking of attending. I’ve also opened this up as alternative assignment for students. Hoping to spark some STEM interest!! Speaking of STEM, I’m hoping to get some guest speakers in this spring. Looking into having someone from NC Astrophysics department, Neuse Riverkeeper and someone from nanotechnology. Figured I could have them in during the day or after school, which ever works best. We are on the last leg of the year, not much time left.

On another note we (when I mean we, I mean Angie Mechler) did a little extra taping of diffraction glasses. We used a color changing bulb and diffraction glasses for our light unit. We taped the results.

Credit owners of video if you use it!!

Feel free to use this as an educational piece. We had two pairs of glasses one that I received from NASA and the other you can get from any science warehouse. The difference between the two is  one type of glasses has vertical and horizontal grating, while the other only has one grating. Great teaching tool for light!

Finally, I got the news I’ve been waiting for, heading to Space Camp this summer. I got the the Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy Program. I’m totally excited about this! I also received news that I’ve been accepted to the NASA summer research program. I’m going to Langley to study atmospheric  science. So keep an eye on this blog, I’ll be tweeting, blogging and all sorts of stuff for the summer.